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Léon Krier was born in Luxemburg in 1946. He studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart. Between 1968 and 1974 he collaborated with James Stirling in London. He has taught at the Architectural Association and at the Royal College of Arts in London as Professor of Architecture and Town Planning and at Princeton University (1974-77); as Jefferson Professor at the University of Virginia (1982); as Davenport Professor at Yale University (1990-91). His awards include the Berlin Prize for Architecture (1987), the Jefferson Memorial Medal (1985) and the Chicago AIA Award (1987); silver medal of Academie Francaise 1998. His main publications are: Cities within the City, Tokyo 1977; Rational Architecture, Brussels 1978; Houses, palaces, cities, London 1984; Albert Speer, Architecture 1932-42, Brussels 1985; The Completion of Washington DC., Brussels 1985; Atlantis, Brussels 1987; New Classicis, London 1990; Architecture + Urban design 1966-1992, London 1992.
Architecture, Choice or Fate, London 1997. Exhibitions of his work have
been held throughout the world including a personal one at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1985). He has worked in Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA and England. He is currently working on projects in Germany, USA, England, Belgium, Spain and France, and he is personal advisor to the Prince of Wales for whom he drew up the master plan for the development of Poundbury in Dorset, 1993; Piano guida for Firenze Novoli; 1993-94 Justice Palace in Luxemburg and 1993-95 Archeological Museum in Sintra Portugal. 1989-97 Village Hall, Windsor, Florida. 1995-00 urban center, Alessandria, Italy (under construction). Heuleburg urban development project with Duany Plater-Zyberk (1998); 1999 Farcham; both were New Urban Developments - 2000. Val d'Europe town center Restaurant - Marie
La Vallee - for Disney Corporation (construction Dec 2000); Central Market Buildings Seaside (construction September 2001) Total rennovation of 1960s tower block Alessandria, Italy (under construction); St. Lucia Caraibes escat urban development 2000; design furniture for Giorgeth Italy since 1990; Masterplan for Hardelot France 2000.